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You Belong in STEM

We believe that everyone deserves to pursue their dreams.
Don't Be Scared is an organization who wants to encourage and support others in the pursuit of their dreams. We know how hard it can be to imagine yourself doing something you've never seen anyone like you do before—and we want to help you see the possibilities for yourself.
We know that the thought of pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or math can be scary. It feels like there's so much more competition than there is space for you in those fields. And it feels like no one else out there looks like you—so why should they take your ideas seriously?
But we also know that when you look beyond what's right in front of you, there are so many opportunities waiting for you! There are scholarships out there specifically designed for students like us—students who need financial support as they pursue their dreams. There are paid internships available at leading companies across the country who want to help educate our next generation of brilliant minds. And there are even more jobs than ever before opening up in STEM fields every day—jobs that will let us do things like create new medicines or improve public transportation systems

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